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Sometimes, in my mind, I suddenly meet a person with a very attractive expression like a staggering envy and resignation. They are someone I've never met before, but they have some kind of reality and behind my eyelids they are quietly looking at me.


People often memorize the face of a passing person though it is vaguely. However, it is impossible to correctly memorize the superficial information on the mirror itself reflected in the mirror as it is, or more accurately to read the emotions and thoughts secreted behind the heart of someone in front of the eyes of course you can not.


Everyone keeps memorizing someone else who resembles himself through the filter of my eyes, thinking and imagination from the moment of being born in this world. And at the end of the mixture of such memories, the person appears on the back of my eyelids.


The people I make will certainly be the symbol and portrait of "someone who is me(or me who is someone)", distorted, accumulated and smuggled by the filter of my eyes, thinking and imagination, always reflecting my present .


I pray that a portrait of someone who is similar to me will meet you someday.









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